Dear Ammòa Guests:

For the safety of our guests, we would like to inform you about the adjustments that have been made in our operations, based on the health protocols of the National Organization of Public Health (EODY).

Our company has obtained the “HEALTH FIRST” certificate, which is issued by EODY and certifies that our establishment follows the relevant safety protocols. This includes training of our staff, setting an action plan in the event of a Covid-19 case, and following the required specifications and protection measures. The certificate has been issued in July 2020 and we follow all the necessary steps required by the EODY protocol and even more.

AMMÒA boutique houses consist of independent, autonomous residences.

•    All houses have their own entrance and there are no internal common areas.
•    Each house has its own air conditioning system, comprising of independent units.
•    All keys and electronic controls are appropriately disinfected.
•    Antiseptic is our available in all houses.
•    Check-in and check-out is paperless.
•    Check-out will take place until 11:00 am and Check-in from 3:00 pm the next day, allowing a minimum 24h interval between successive reservations.
       This provides adequate time for the house to be professionally disinfected and subsequently thoroughly cleaned and ventilated.
•    Payment for accommodation will be made preferably by credit card or bank deposit, while invoices and receipts may be sent by email.
•    There will be a log book for recording any health event or measure relating to such matters.
•    For reasons of public health protection, we are obliged to record the name, nationality, date of arrival and departure,
       contact details (address, telephone, e-mail) of all our guests and retain such data for 4 months, after which, the data will be deleted.


•    The housekeeping staff is equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment specified by EODY.
       Staff temperature is measured on a daily basis and recorded in our log book.
•    Our guests can request the frequency of having their house cleaned and having their linen and towels replaced during their stay. Additional linen may be supplied upon request.
•    All our linen is washed and ironed at our own facilities and delivered in sealed packages.
•    After departure, each house is professionally disinfected by a certified company, followed by ventilation and house cleaning, using special ecological cleaners and pressurized steam cleaning equipment (70 °C – 110 °C).
•    Subsequently the house remains closed for a minimum of 24h, before it is available to our next guest.

We are looking forward to serving you, and making your vacation safe and enjoyable.

The Ammòa Team.